Lovely Dinner

I had a wonderful dinner time last Thursday! Let me show you the photos that night :)
Anyways, before that I would like to deliver my special thanks to my friend Esther for letting us have the very good chance to try the hidden good food in Sibu! :)

Next, really thank you so much to Mr. Joseph and La Tin Auntie who served me and my friends the whole series of western food! I LURVEEESSSSSS THEM SO MUCHIEEEEE! :D
Everything is so so delicious! ♥

Mr. Joseph is the chef and La Tin Auntie is his wife (obviously :P) and they have retired from their work on cruises. They have sailed for so long and their mother port could be everywhere in the Europe or Australia! OMG jealoussss~~

I guess both of them met on cruise and well...live happy ever after ... haha! :)
Mr. Joseph is from Austria while La Tin Auntie is from Bintangor, Sarawak and now living in Sibu. However, I think Sibu is not their preferred place for settling down. They might move to Kuching in the future. owhhh! I'm gonna find them for their food if there is chance. bwahaha! hope so!

Between, Mr. Joseph and La Tin Auntie own 17 dogs in their house! The Huskies omg-de-cute! The mama Husky is so so human-like as she groan and barked at Mr. Joseph with the thought that we are going to take her puppy away! Apart from doggies, they do have two goats and some other bird types somewhere around their house too!!

okay okay..too much kepo d. let's enjoy the photos! :)

Well, we were having our dinner at the car porch of their house but you can see that uncle auntie had done some decoration upside your head. Everything is just fine with fan and natural wind! Can you feel it?! :D

These are root beer and apple drink that I have tried. Sorry La Tin Auntie! I have made you as the background :P

These are garlic bread sticks. They are slightly different than those garlic bread I had. Normally, the garlic breads I ate were 5-star crunchy-outside and soft-inside. But this one, the whole thing was 3-star crunchy. hahaha! Can you imagine?! :p and they go well with the following soup!

ta~da!!! Pumpkin soup!! This is the first time I am having a pumpkin soup (I think)...because most of the time was mushroom soup..so I can't tell any differences or make any comparison..haha...or can I give some comments?! *tongue out*
Overall, I think it is good! Everything of the soup is just right, not too creamy or thick. and...do you see the pumpkin seeds on the surface of the soup? Mr. Joseph roasted them!
Taste crunchy and smell good!

This is the Caesar salad that night.
Very Fresh and love the honey mustard sauce! :D

Large Tuna pizza! My favourite dish of the day!
Finally I found the other pizza to order except PIZZA HUT!

Small Supreme pizza!

Lasagna! This is good too! yummehhh~!

Sirloin steak!! *thumbs up!*
The hidden mashed potato really really good!

Salmon! <333

and finally the so called Chocolate Pudding with ice-cream!!
okay let me explain why I have put a 'so called'.
It is because the 'pudding' is actually a hazelnut chocolate cupcake to me. hahaha!
It is not a jelly-like pudding and the whole thing actually made me think of
Chili's signature dessert - Molten Chocolate Cake!

La Tin Auntie and Mr. Joseph! :)

Finally...group photo!! Lurveeeeeesss!

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